how to give your cat a tablet like a pro

How to give your cat a tablet like a pro


Last updated February 2024

  1. Why do I need to treat my cat for parasites?
  2. How to give a tablet to your cat
  3. Top tips for giving your cat a tablet


As a responsible pet owner, ensuring the health and well-being of your furry feline companion is high on the agenda. One crucial aspect of pet care is parasite control, and some treatments are in tablet form. There are usually spot-on alternatives but if tablets are your preference read on to learn how to tablet a cat like a pro!


Why do I need to treat my cat for parasites?

Parasites, such as fleas, ticks, and worms, are common and can threaten your cat’s health. These tiny nuisances can lead to a range of health issues, from skin irritations and allergic reactions to more severe problems like anaemia and intestinal complications. By using regular parasite control you can effectively safeguard your feline friend from these potential health risks. Read more about worms, fleas and treatment.

how to give your cat a tablet

How to give a tablet to your cat:

If your cat won’t take a tablet voluntarily then you may need to try the following:

  • Hold the tablet in one hand between thumb and forefinger
  • Stand to the side of your cat and place your other hand on their head
  • Gently extend your forefinger and thumb down either side of their jaw at the corner of their mouth
  • Gently tilt the head backwards
  • Lower the jaw with the middle finger of your hand holding the tablet
  • Drop the tablet into your cat’s mouth – aim to get it as far back as possible
  • Close your cat’s jaw and hold it close while they swallow – try gently rubbing their chin and throat to encourage them to swallow
  • Make sure your cat doesn’t spit out the tablet

how to give your cat a tablet like a pro

Top tips for giving your cat a tablet:
  • Try a flavoured tablet

Prazitel is a tasty grilled-meat flavour and kills the most common intestinal worms of cats

  • Be confident and prepared

Stay calm and have everything you will need to hand – have the tablet accessible and out of the packaging.

  • Hide the tablet in a treat or food

Try treat pouches designed to conceal tablets. Simply insert the tablet into the treat pocket, and your cat will likely gobble it up without hesitation. Alternatively, try popping it in their food. Just make sure they don’t sneakily spit it out when you’re not looking!

  • Have an extra pair of hands available

Try and ensure you have someone to help if your cat is a little challenging to tablet – if possible someone your cat already knows.

  • Use gentle restraint

If your cat is reluctant, gently restrain them by wrapping them in a soft towel or blanket. Be gentle and avoid causing unnecessary stress.

  • Use a pill-giver

These are specially designed to make giving a tablet easier and push the tablet right to the back of the mouth to ensure it is swallowed.

  • Speak to your vet

They will be able to show you how to give a tablet or suggest an alternative.